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Mission Tour 4 — VMP

Mission Tour 4 — VMP

Have you been to Victory Memorial Parkway (lovingly called VMP by the locals) ?

Seriously, have you been to VMP? No? Well, hie thee behind there!

A little background on VMP: The Minneapolis Park Board started acquiring land for what is now known as Victory Memorial Parkway in 1910. The parkway was completed in 1921. Dedicated to servicemen and nurses from Hennepin County who died in World War I, VMP is dotted heavily with memorials as you walk the greenway. A statue of Abraham Lincoln near where the two arms of VMP come together was dedicated in May of 1930 by surviving members of the Grand Army of the Republic in honor of their comrades who gave their lives in the Civil War.

But in the here and now? It’s a crazy awesome place to play Ingress (and Pogo, if that’s also your thing). Tons of portals(approx 250) make for the ability to make large banners among the small ones.

Just like all over the place, some banners at VMP are not in Ingress Mosaik, but for your ease, we’ll go with only banners currently in there. The rest of them can be easter eggs in your VMP explorations.

We can start simple: Victory Memorial Drive

This banner takes you on a pass from the south leg over across the east

Find yourself a monster! : Fall Monster – Victory Memorial Pkwy

There is a monster for every season, but since it’s fall, I figured I would pull out the fall monster one for your viewing.

For the history buffs: Tribute to Abraham Lincoln

Visit the Abraham Lincoln statue and traipse the Parkway to put this patriotic banner in your scanner.


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