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Mission Tour 3 — Downtown Minneapolis

Mission Tour 3 — Downtown Minneapolis

After our Prince detour, the next most logical spot to go is Minneapolis Downtown proper. This area has some amazing missions available for your scanner decorating pleasure. There are many local creators that have put together some very well designed paths to travel around the city.

If you are a Mystery Science Theater 3000 fan: Mystery Science Mission 3000

This banner starts not far from the Minneapolis Convention center and takes you up the Nicollet Mall and back down Hennepin. Put something fun above it for them to be pointing at (perhaps Minneapolis Rex?)

If you are looking for more purple for your scanner: Saint Anthony Falls Bridge Tour

The newest bridge spanning the Mississippi River along I-35W near the St Anthony Falls area. This mission will take you north and south of it in a circle, bringing you back to your starting point. The bridge can be lit up in all different colors (when it is blue, it is quite beautiful), this picture is from when it was lit in honor of Prince.

More purple : I’m on a Boat

**recommended to be done during the day and/or in a group** Those that have done this banner do suggest that you do it during the day and with at least another agent, as it does cross through an area of town that can be subjective at times in regards to safety. It looks great in scanner, we just want you to be safe.

Recursion specific: RP Mpls Res Skyline

Views of the beautiful Minneapolis skyline! Take home a reminder of your time in Minneapolis for the 10/20/18 Recursion Prime anomaly! Takes about an hour according to agents who have already done the mission.

Or for a different angle of downtown Minneapolis: RP – Resistance View of Minneapolis

Takes approximately an hour, according to agents that have already done it.

And a third option — looking across downtown

This is not yet loaded into Ingress Mosaik, but is live.

Looking out across downtown from the public space near US Bank Stadium, where the Vikings play.

As normal, this is just a taste of the mission banners available downtown — many have not been added after the fact into Ingress Mosaik. However, so many banners, so little time! Get out and beautify your scanners, agents!

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