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Mission Tour 1 — Minneapolis Sculpture Garden

Mission Tour 1 — Minneapolis Sculpture Garden

In Minnesota, we love our mission banners, and we have some very talented mission creators all over the state. Rather than wax too poetic, over the next few days we are going show and tell because pretty pictures have some of the best stories.

First off, the Minneapolis Sculpture Garden, located on the western end of downtown Minneapolis. It’s near the historic Basilica of St. Mary and the Walker Art Center.

It adjoins Loring Park via the Irene Hixon Whitney Bridge, a pedestrian bridge that itself is a piece of art (photo below).

(If you could use a laugh today, check out the TRex Tuesday (video) filmed around the Sculpture Garden. I almost feel guilty for laughing at the startled driver near the beginning of the video! #sorrynotsorry if you end up watching more videos in that channel….)

So, in that vein we’ll start with: Minneapolis Rex

Minneapolis Rex takes you twice around the Sculpture Garden.

For our Star Wars fans, we have: Leia’s Tribute

Leia’s Tribute takes three laps around the Sculpture Garden. I love how this one looks in the scanner.

For a truly iconic Minneapolis landmark, check out: Farming the Sculpture Garden

Word on the street is that Farming the Sculpture Garden is one of the fastest 24-badge murals out there. (Spoonbridge and Cherry is a pop art sculpture created by Claes Oldenburg and Coosje van Bruggen.)

May you be touched by his noodly appendage: FSM s Loring Park

Here we find a Pastafarian’s mission dream. This Flying Spaghetti Monster banner starts at the Basilica of St. Mary and meanders through Loring Park and the Sculpture Garden. Please note: this banner mission has not yet been endorsed by the Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster!

Starting in downtown Minneapolis finishing its final missions in Loring Park, we have: Twin Cities Pride.

While this banner starts across downtown Minneapolis near Gold Medal Park, you finish in Loring Park. It could be a good way to get to the Sculpture Garden. I love this photo, and the banner is quite gorgeous in scanner.

Keep in mind that there are other banners in the area as well. Some may never make it to Ingress Mosaik, but these five are a good start. One thing to note: if you try to do all of these missions, you will need multi-hacks! Many portals would require hacking more than four times.

The Sculpture Garden and Loring Park are open 6 a.m. until midnight. Bathroom facilities and a drinking fountain can be found at Loring Park.

Go forth and beautify your scanner!


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