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What is an Anomaly? What is Ingress?

Ingress is a location based, augmented reality mobile game created by the same company that created Pokemon Go (Niantic Labs). It is free to play and is available for both Android and iOS.

An Ingress XM Anomaly is an official Ingress event where people come together for a live team competition that takes place in specific locations around the world during a specific time. Minneapolis will be hosting an Anomaly event on October 20, 2018.

You can see the list of upcoming Ingress events around the world.

What is Mission Day?

Mission Day is an official Ingress event that encourages people to get out and explore a specific city. Special missions are available for a limited time on Mission Day. You can earn a special scanner medal by completing a certain number of Mission Day missions and checking in during Mission Day. Minneapolis will be hosting Mission Day on October 21, 2018.

Mission Days often takes place in the same location and same weekend as XM Anomalies, but can also be standalone events.

You can see the list of upcoming Ingress events around the world.

Are the Ingress XM Anomaly and Mission Day events free?

The XM Anomaly and Mission Day events (and most of the related weekend event activities) are free.

You will need money for food and drinks, public transportation/parking, and any swag (merchandise) you may like to purchase.

If you are traveling for the event, you should consider additional costs for flights, buses, rental cars, hotels, etc. We do have a friendly community who may have options for couch surfing.

Can kids participate in the Anomaly?

Many families play Ingress together. And children are welcome at an anomaly as long as they are supervised by an adult. Keep in mind that an anomaly spans several hours and can involve approximately 3-5 miles of walking.

When you register with the Minnesota Resistance for the event, make sure to mention the age of the child/children who will be attending.

What's the weather like in Minneapolis in October?

Minnesota’s weather is unique! In the fall we can experience summer-like temperatures and winter-like temperatures. Sometimes even within the course of a few days. It’s best to watch the weather forecasts closer to the actual date. Generally you can expect October to have highs in the 50s and lows in the upper 30s and lower 40s.

Here is some historical weather information for October in Minneapolis

2017 Actual Average Record
Mean Temperature 64 °F
Max Temperature 78 °F 54 °F 78 °F (2003)
Min Temperature 51 °F 35 °F 23 °F (1999)
2016 Actual Average Record
Mean Temperature 43 °F
Max Temperature 52 °F 54 °F 78 °F (2003)
Min Temperature 35 °F 35 °F 23 °F (1999)
2015 Actual Average Record
Mean Temperature 60 °F
Max Temperature 68 °F 54 °F 78 °F (2003)
Min Temperature 51 °F 35 °F 23 °F (1999)
2014 Actual Average Record
Mean Temperature 54 °F
Max Temperature 64 °F 54 °F 78 °F (2003)
Min Temperature 39 °F 35 °F 23 °F (1999)

What airport should I fly into if I am coming from out of state?

MSP — Minneapolis/St. Paul International Airport is the major airport that is closest to the Anomaly.

Where can I buy Anomaly-themed swag?

We are both Minnesota Resistance swag as well as Anomaly-specific swag in our swag shop. Visit our Swag Shop to see the cool stuff we have! Pre-order by October 14th if you plan to pick up your swag in person at the Anomaly. Many items are limited quantity so get your orders in now!

What if I can't stay for the entire Anomaly?

We strongly encourage you to participate in the whole event if possible, but if you can’t, you can still participate. Because you will be playing as part of a team, please let your team lead know what your schedule will be and you can work together on the best way to coordinate.

How do I prepare for the anomaly?

Start by registering to attend the Anomaly with the local Minnesota Resistance team. After you register and the local team has verified you, you will be invited to join the event communication channels. These channels will provide you specific details on how to prepare for the event. Make sure to ALSO register with Niantic so you can get your scanner medal.

Why should I join the Resistance?

The Resistance (blue team) protects humanity from Shaper ingression (green team), helping to preserve humanity’s freedom. As a team, we provide an inclusive environment for all players to express themselves and enjoy discovering the world around them.

How do I walk?

Ingress is an augmented-reality mobile game played by millions of people world wide. It was developed by Niantic (the same company that created Pokemon Go). The game requires you to physically move and go to specific locations to play. There are two opposing teams (called factions) that continuously battle over specific locations (called portals). Intrigued? Learn more about Ingress, download the app, and join the Resistance (team blue!)

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