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A Beergresser’s Guide To Northeast Minneapolis: The Beer, The Portals And Everything

A Beergresser’s Guide to Northeast Minneapolis: The Beer, the Portals and Everything

A quick hop, skip, and a bus/bike/car ride northward, and you will encounter the many impressive Northeast Minneapolis breweries. After last week’s history lesson, we know that Surly and their contemporaries motivated legislators to pass the Pint Bill, better known as the Surly Bill. The next hurdle was city ordinances. For example, Minneapolis prohibited most businesses outside downtown from serving alcohol within 300 feet of churches and schools. Restaurants without bars that earned less than 30 percent of revenue from alcohol were exempted.

Northeast Minneapolis’s Dangerous Man Brewing Company helped press for change, as it sought to open across the street from a church. In November 2011, the Minneapolis City Council voted to allow microbreweries and more restaurants to operate within 300 feet of churches. That opened up many Minneapolis neighborhoods to the burgeoning microbrewery trend, with Northeast leading the charge.

Historically, Northeast Minneapolis was primarily blue-collar industrial with rail yards, a power plant, and manufacturing businesses. It now features an eclectic mix, with many industrial areas converted into artist studios, residences, and office spaces. With a diverse population of third- and fourth-generation families, immigrants, and students from the nearby University of Minnesota, shops and restaurants blossomed. And with the new state and city rules, breweries fit right in.
Here are just a few of the awesome Northeast MInneapolis breweries.

Dangerous Man Brewing

Dangerous Man is located in a former bank, and it preserves some of the original details. Dangerous Man tries to keep a dark beer, a light beer, a hoppy beer, and a strong beer available, plus other options. If either the Chocolate Milk Stout or the Peanut Butter Porter are on tap when you visit, try them. Both are highly popular with locals. Dangerous Man beer is only available in their taproom or sold in growlers or very limited bottle runs. Soda, Kombucha and nitro cold press coffee are also available.

One portal is easy to hack, but depending on drift, you could hit up to four more, including one for the church across the street.

No food is offered on site, but patrons are more welcome to bring their own food or order in from one of the many neighborhood eateries. (Local favorite Anchor Fish and Chips is just a block down the road and comes highly recommended!)
Seasonal releases: Taps constantly rotating, visit to find out

Indeed Brewing

Located in Northeast’s Solar Arts building near the Northstar Commuter Line, Indeed Brewing is a bustling location with two taprooms. The building began life in 1914 as a manufacturing and distribution center. If you’re looking for something unique, check out their Wooden Soul series of wild, sour, and barrel-aged beers (as of the moment of writing this, on tap in this series is LA PÊCHE MODE, a wood aged Brett Saison with peach), but don’t forget to check out their core beers as Day Tripper is a really excellent Pale Ale.

Two portals are on site. The Ox Taproom has better access to the Boiler Vault portal, but most of the time (as long as you don’t drift) you should be able to hit it from the main taproom as well.

If you’re looking for food, they feature rotating food trucks, but patrons can bring in their own food as well.

Seasonal releases: In October, you should see Rum King Imperial Stout, Stir Crazy Porter and possibly their Fresh Hop Ale.

BauHaus Brew Labs

Tucked back slightly off Central Avenue Northeast, you will find BauHaus Brew Labs, a bright, airy and fun German-inspired brewery located in the former Crown Iron Works foundry, dating back to the 1870s. A pet- and under-21-friendly location (friendly for visiting, not beer drinking!) both inside and out, Bauhaus tries to keep their vibe all-inclusive and casual. While you sit and hack the on-site portal, definitely give the Stargrazer a try: it’s their German-style Schwarzbier, dark as night but so very tasty! Also give the Sky-Five a try. They label it as their “Midwest Coast IPA”: it’s hoppy and tropical. Have a non-drinker in your crew? Also in the mix of offerings are 1919 Root Beer, Redbull and Prohibition Kombucha for their drinking pleasure.

If you are looking for food, BauHaus recommends their constantly rotating on-site food trucks. You can also bring your own food as well.

Seasonal releases: It looks like we should see Schwandtoberfest in the metro this fall.

After our Northeast beer run, be prepared… We’re heading over to St. Paul, another mecca of breweries and taprooms for you to feast your taste buds on.

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